Mergers and Acquisitions

mergers and acquistions

M&G Partners, LLP offers merger and acquisition services to privately-held businesses. Whether you need assistance with the sale or purchase of a business or are a mid-market company looking to make a strategic acquisition, we can guide you through the process and advise you along the way. We provide transaction advice and devise appropriate exit strategies. We'll recommend the best way to structure the deal and assess the implications of each alternative.

The right entity structure could save you a fortune in tax dollars or cost you a bundle if it is not the correct tax structure. We routinely handle complex, highly creative merger and acquisition deals. When done correctly, the structure alone can save you tax dollars, and improve your future cash flows through income tax expense reduction strategies. Whether you are contemplating buying/selling a business or restructuring an existing business or group of companies, we can assist you with the advice you need at a critical time which will impact you now and in the future.

Simi Valley Merger and Acquisition Services

Navigating the complexities of a merger or acquisition is much easier when you have an experienced tax professional on your team. We offer a consultation to discuss how we can assist your business in a successful merger or acquisition.

  • Corporate reorganizations (tax-free and taxable)
  • Corporate separations including split-offs, split-ups and spin-offs
  • Exit Strategies for business dispositions
  • Intergroup tax restructuring for tax minimization
  • Overall tax structuring and planning
  • Partnership mergers
  • Business advisory services